We see the complete picture

– the entire organisation, the entire process

At reflectIT we take a 360-degree view of your company. This provides us with the best foundation on which to build a unified solution covering your needs at all organisational levels.

Based on this holistic view, we will find the tools that best match your specific organisation and situation. We are able to do so because we are independent of suppliers in the same way that we do not sell quick fixes from mass-produced textbooks.

Concrete advice

The insight we gain into your company is the solid basis that enables us to advise you – here and now as well as in the long term. And by focusing on the long term, you will get a collaborative partner who can act fast in relation to your concrete challenges.

When working with us, you will experience that we always say what we believe – even when it is not necessarily what you would like to hear. Honesty, credibility and integrity are core values to us and evident in the way we act.

Who is reflectIT?

reflectIT is founded and run by Søren Dittmer and Jan Jæger. Their high degree of professionalism is based on many years of practical experience as well as a widely founded theoretical knowledge. Therefore, reflectIT can provide solutions that enable you to realise even more of your potential.

We are based in Aarhus, Denmark, from where we cover all of Denmark and the Nordic region.

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