Director, Governance & Process architecture

Involvement in the embedding makes the difference

“Many leave when the process has been worked out. Few leave when the processes have been implemented. We leave when our solution is a functioning part of daily operations. Only with this concrete embedding in the organisation, you will obtain real value of the investment and the collaboration.”

Jan is an experienced, solution-oriented and creative leader who is capable of working methodically and persistently during complex and high-pressure situations. These qualities – along with many years of practical experience from large organisations and the Defence Forces – have given Jan many tools to utilise in connection with managing changes and the implementation of these.

Due to his versatility, coherence and adaptability, Jan is a valued collaborator to many organisations. Here, Jan has completed infrastructure and launch projects as well as major change projects. As a process architect, he has carried out service management installations in complex infrastructures, and, at the same time, he has solid experience as an architect and owner of processes in daily operations.

Jan’s practical experience is founded by continuous supplementary courses and certifications in COBIT, ITIL, TIPA maturity model and project management. Being a reserve lieutenant colonel, Jan is still attached to the Defence Forces where he is part of the management group at the Engineer Regiment.

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