– qualified IT management at all levels in your organisation

We assist IT management in managing the organisation’s IT. This is achieved through advice and sparring in relation to various focus areas in the organisation, including:

  • IT policies
  • IT architecture
  • IT infrastructure
  • Business applications
  • Areas of investment

With the right focus on these aspects, it will be possible for you to optimise business processes at several levels – from the strategic level to the operational.

Ideal outcome of your IT efforts
Working closely with you, we ascertain, which effect is required in order to realise your service and business objectives. Profitable solutions may include outsourcing, restructuring, changing priorities, investing differently or other means to optimise the use of resources.

Although many often focus on profitability or growth, this is often combined with a wish to strengthen the level of the company’s customer-focused IT services. And because working with Service Excellence includes many of the same target areas as IT Governance, the two services are closely linked.

reflectIT Governance & Service Excellence provides you with:

  • Overview of processes and structures
  • Strategic sparring and advice
  • Decision-making tools for management
  • Optimisation of the company’s IT efforts

Contact us if you want more information about IT Governance & Service Excellence and how reflectIT can help optimise your business processes.

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